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Modified Short Oil Water Based Alkyd Resin For Vassal Coating Water Resistant

Modified Short Oil Water Based Alkyd Resin For Vassal Coating Water Resistant

  • Modified Short Oil Water Based Alkyd Resin For Vassal Coating Water Resistant
Modified Short Oil Water Based Alkyd Resin For Vassal Coating Water Resistant
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Place of Origin: SHANGHAI
Brand Name: ELEGANT®
Certification: ISO:9001
Model Number: LGalk 3-C880
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Packaging Details: 190 KG
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Detailed Product Description
Application: Vassal Coating Feature: Water Resistant
Non-Volatiles: 80 ± 1% Acid Value: 10 MgKOH/g
OH Value: 150 (100%) Color , Gardner: ≤ 1
Solvent: Xylene Name: Short-oil Alkyd Resin
High Light:

alkyd resin based stain


water based resins coatings

Modified Short Oil Water Based Alkyd Resin For Vassal Coating Water Resistant


Water Based Alkyd Resin advantage


  1. Some varieties of coatings (such as epoxy, chlorinated rubber, etc.) have good protection and poor decorativeness; some varieties (such as nitrocellulose lacquer) have good decorative properties and poor protection. However, polyurethane paint is both protective and decorative, and can be used for the coating of high-grade wood, piano, and large passenger aircraft.
  2. the paint film has strong adhesion. Polyurethane, like epoxy, can be formulated as an excellent binder. Therefore, the coating film has excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces (metal, wood, rubber, concrete, certain plastics, etc.). The author's experience is that for some metal surfaces, the adhesion of polyurethane paint is slightly inferior to that of epoxy paint; but for rubber, the polyurethane paint exceeds the epoxy paint.
  3. the elasticity of the coating film can be adjusted according to the needs of the distribution ratio, can be adjusted from the extremely hard coating to the extremely flexible elastic coating, while the general paint such as epoxy, unsaturated polyester, amino alkyd, etc. can only It is difficult to impart high elasticity by making a rigid coating.
  4. the coating film has excellent chemical resistance, acid, alkali, salt liquid, petroleum products, so it can be used as maintenance coating for drilling platforms, ships, chemical plants, and inner wall coating of petroleum storage tanks.
  5. can be dried at high temperatures, but also can be cured at low temperatures. In a typical room temperature curing coating: epoxy, polyurethane, and unsaturated polyester, epoxy and unsaturated polyesters are difficult to cure below 10 ° C. Only polyurethane can be cured at 0 ° C, so the construction season long. Because it can be cured quickly at room temperature, it can be used for large-scale projects such as large oil tanks and large aircraft to achieve better performance than ordinary baking varnishes.
  6. polyurethane paint can be made resistant to -40 ° C low temperature varieties. It can also be made into high temperature insulating varnish with properties close to polyimide.
  7. The electromagnetic wire coated with polyurethane paint can be used for automatic assembly of tin in molten solder without scraping paint. It is especially suitable for the assembly of telecommunication equipment and instruments.

Two-component polyurethane coating use

These paint films are bright and full, hard and wear-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-resistant, chemical-resistant and industrial waste gas. They have good electrical properties and can be mixed with various resin esters. They can be adjusted in a wide range to meet different needs. Widely used in wood, automotive, aircraft, machinery, electrical appliances, instrumentation, plastics, leather, paper, fabrics, petrochemical and other aspects.

China's high-grade coatings for wood products mainly include polyurethane paint (PU) and polyester paint (PE).


  1. Polyurethane lacquer (PU): Adducts or pre-polyisocyanate groups of polyester, acrylic resin, polyether, epoxy resin (hydroxy-OH-containing component often referred to as main component or component B) Polymer (containing isocyanate-NCO component often called hardener or component A)
  2. Polyurethane paint (PU): 1-3 components, one-component, two-component, the latter also has a thinner when adjusting the paint, the general paint ratio is: main agent: curing agent: thinner is 1 :0.5-1:0.5-1.5
  3. Polyurethane paint (PU): PU is divided into single component and two component, one component urethane oil and urethane alkyd. There are many types of PU, and the market is mainly a two-component hydroxyl-curable PU.
  4. Polyurethane paint (PU): anhydrous xylene, anhydrous cyclohexanone or anhydrous butyl acetate polyurethane paint (PU): anhydrous xylene, anhydrous cyclohexanone or anhydrous butyl acetate
  5. Solid content polyurethane paint (PU) category: 40-70%
  6. Construction time limit (coating period, active period) polyurethane paint (PU) category: 4-8h
  7. Curing conditions and mechanism Polyurethane lacquer (PU): It can be dried at room temperature or at low temperature (50 °C). The solvent in the coating is volatilized, and an addition polymerization reaction occurs between the isocyanate-containing component and the hydroxyl group-containing component to form a film.
  8. Hygienic conditions for construction Polyurethane paint (PU): It is a solvent-based paint. It contains 30-60% organic solvent. It needs to be volatilized after painting. It pollutes the environment, is toxic and odorous, inflammable and explosive, needs to be ventilated and harmful. The national standard for volatile substances (volatile organic compounds, benzene, toluene, xylene, TDI and heavy metals) is limited by GB18581-2001, "Limits of Hazardous Substances in Solvent Coatings for Interior Decoration Materials".
  9. Drying time polyurethane paint (PU): surface drying 15-20min, grinding 3-4h, solid drying <24h
  10. Recoating polyurethane paint (PU): It can be dried or wet.
  11. Performance polyurethane paint (PU) class: paint film with excellent comprehensive physical and chemical properties

PU paint Introduction


PU paint is a general term for all polyurethane coatings. Its film formation is natural film formation, no special process is required.
Polyurethane paint is a two-component chemical structure:
A component (curing agent) of isocyanate group (-NCO) + ethyl component (lacquer) hydroxyl (-OH) = polyurethane
High polymer (paint film) thinner (Tian Na water): only adjust the viscosity, easy to dilute the construction.
Composition: main agent + curing agent + thinner



  1. Chemically dry, operate according to the ratio.
  2. Good overall performance; good hardness, good fullness, good adhesion, good durability and good hand feeling. The paint film is not very thin, but its adhesion is particularly good (even the wood with high oil content of teak can be used, not to mention the other); its gloss is said to be not very bright, it can display the floor very well. Spinning and color.
  3. There is a certain period of use after the match.
  4. PU paint is currently widely used in industry and construction, so the technology is mature, the color system is many, and it is easy to meet the spraying requirements. However, due to the harmfulness to the human body, the requirements for the spray booth and the paint booth are high, and at the same time, human body protection measures are required.


Packing specification

- 200 KGS / Steel Drum


Product specifications


Appearance: Clear And Clean Liquid Viscosity: 35000~45000 CPS (25°C )
Non-Volatiles: 80 ± 1% Acid Value: 10 MgKOH/g
OH Value: 150 (100%) Color , Gardner: ≤ 1
Solvent: Xylene Name: Short-oil Alkyd Resin


Expiration date - 12 Months

* A MSDS of the products is available on request.
Typical starting formulation for:
PU glossy finishes


LGalk 3-C880 Alkyd Resin 49%
Toluene 15%
Ethyl acetate 15%
Xylene 10%
Butyl acetate 10%
Silicone-free surface agent(BYK301) 1%


Desmsdur L-75 (Bayes) 64%
Toluene 11%
Butyl acetate 25%

Formula ratio
Part A / Part B = 2 / 1
NCO / OH = 1 / 1



Toluene 10%
Xylene 30%
Ethyl acetate 10%
Butyl acetate 30%
Methoxyethyl acetate 20%



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